Project Description

HartMetall has been sintering hard metals for more than 60 years. Until 1972 it was Carduro and Radiamant; after their merging the company was known as “HartMetall Estech”.

Hartmetall is characterized by its high experience, its technologies and avant-garde production processes, wide quality standard, motivated and skilled staff. Grinding and mixing processes, specifically foreseen for 30 different types of hard metals, guarantee permanent quality and precision in metal physical aspect and in sintering process.

Hartmetall is well known for its complete range of products such as cylinders, ring disks, injection nozzles, interchangeable centers, mould components. To guarantee the best service to its Italian customers, HartMetall Estech has established the Italian subsidiary Hartmetall Italia.

Hartmetall Italia is located in Zogno (BG). It is composed of a wide shed of finished products to satisfy most requests of the Italian customers within 48 hours from the order.

Hartmetall Italia can supply preformed customer-specific components for step drill or any type of shapes. HartMetall Estech and Hartmetall Italia have created EXPRESS LINE, a service ensuring the delivery of specially customized components within 3 weeks from order.